Follow these tips to win in dice games

The dice game is a descendant of the English game of Hazard that was created near the year 1125 A.D. by Sir William of Tire, who created the game as a pastime for his soldiers who were lying in a castle named Hazarth. However, some historians claim that its origin reaches the time of the Roman Empire, where the soldiers made buckets with the bones of pigs and these were enumerated and thrown to entertain themselves.

With the passing of time, it became a very popular game among the English bourgeoisie and naturally progressed towards France and the Mediterranean countries, arriving in America mid-18th century along with the French.

The dice game that we know today along with the rules was created by an American man named John H. Winn, who also created the modern dice table.

In the game of dice, there are rules as in all games, before deciding to play you must know them, as well as the different types of bets and results. Although it looks like a simple game, you need a lot of precision from the player.

Reaching a casino and deciding on the dice can be a stressful decision, not only because of the crowd of spectators crowding around the table to applaud but also because of how complicated the design looks.

As for all Lucky Nugget games in the dice, there are formal rules that by not knowing them could cause serious problems with the administration of the casino and other players. Over the years these rules have been developed and merged with good manners and other casino rules.

To know the rules of etiquette it is not necessary to make exhaustive studies. Here are three tips with which you can be sure that you will feel ready to stand in front of a craps table with ease the next opportunity you visit a casino.

First tip: Learn to manage your hands, about what you can and cannot do with them

The hands are one of the aspects that most players should care for in almost all casino games, which in turn has to do with most rules of dice labels: The hands cannot be placed around other people, nor can you touch when you want accessories or tiles of any game. To the security of the casinos, they dislike that the people do not follow norms, of the equal way to the distributors and other players.

Putting money into the design when another player has the dice or is about to throw them is usually an interruption, so that rule makes good sense. When a rule of etiquette is broken and the shooter shoots safely people will be furious with you.

Safety has everything to do with this rule of not putting your hands on the craps table, and it is also a question of etiquette. For example, if you go to your dentist, with all certainty you will not be touching, bothering or adjusting the tools, in the same way, you go with the tools in a casino.

Shaking or moving your arms near the stickman when you throw is something that people will advise you not to do because connoisseurs know that the stickman would get upset about that, and definitely who wants to see an angry casino employee? It is a matter of manners rather than a rule, the stickman only wants the assistants to behave properly. He does not need anyone to distract him from his work.

Second tip: Take advantage of easy expressions and body language

Not only to play dice but for most casino games learning to read about people will be useful if you want to make friends at the table.

In craps or craps, it is generally accepted to enter into conversations with the rest of the bettors of the table, so it could be said that it is a social game, although not all players are always. Observe and learn about the signals that a person who does not want to be importunate, so you can avoid bothering.

When a bettor is in the process of betting, the best thing is not to interrupt or try to talk to him, since in the Craps there is a maximum period of time to make bets and it could seem rude to interrupt at that moment.

When you see a person with closed lips, low eyes, legs or crossed arms, muffled expression and low volume of voice can be sure that he does not want to socialise, if on the contrary the player makes eye contact, has a happy expression on his Face, speak with strong voice and his body posture is open that player seeks to start a conversation.

Third Council: Ask for help without fear

In the game of dice, the old adage that “there is no such thing as a stupid question” could be applied, both the employees and the distributors are to make sure that the game is developing smoothly, the best way to do it is by making sure that those who are involved are aware of the rules, without them being the ones who should teach them, why would you appreciate clarifying their concerns before the game begins to Ask the stickman clearly, making eye contact, he or anyone else player will be happy to help you to be a better player, because that way you will play more and your employer will earn more.

If you are new to Craps, come to the table at a time of low recurrence, remembering the lessons about reading body language and facial expressions you will know when the casino employee is zoned or not, you can also get a friendly stranger, who I’m probably happy to review rules and labels with you, especially if you offer a drink or give a chip for your help. Trust more in your abilities, smile, look into the eyes and you will get the necessary help.


The dice are usually intimidating, but it is a game of easy comprehension. To feel more secure, it will be enough to play some rounds in a casino. You will see that your confidence will be greater with each roll of dice. The label is not just not to get drunk improperly or haunt the distributors, it is also to behave in the way the game traditionally demands. Let your next Craps game have the right meaning with the label is the best way to prepare for the most exciting and fun classic.