Betspalace Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 500% Signup Bonus 100

Betspalace Casino Casino Bonuses 2021  500% Signup Bonus 100

BetsPalace Casino Casino VIP

Betspalace Casino’s VIP club is one of the most exclusive clubs on earth. As you rank up, you can receive bonuses or real money rewards ranging from $10 to over $500! To ascend into a new higher ranking tier in this casino, players must earn points by using their bankroll and winning bets that will complete each step; with more extravagant prizes for every achievement earned! For example: BetsPalace Casino offers four tiers for its VIP Club: Bronze (100 pts), Silver(1000pts) Gold & Diamond Tier (>2500pts).

When players reach the requisite amount of points, they will automatically advance to a higher tier. This means that if you’re ranked in Silver I and then win enough games on top of your usual few wins each day, you’ll eventually earn yourself Platinum III status!

Player rankings are fluid, meaning that it’s possible for someone who is currently Bronze IV to rank up at any time during their journey through League ranks – but only when they have reached the appropriate point total. For example: If your current ranking is Gold II with five hundred points earned so far this season (half way there!), we would expect that player could rise into Diamond V territory after winning another two thousand-point matches over one month or more depending on how fast other people lose

Bonuses Promotions

Betspalace casino is a great place to visit for those looking for something new and exciting! They have tons of cool games you can play with different bets, prizes, rules- anything your heart desires. You will also get some free spins on top of the welcome offer which lasts up to 100 days after registration. And if even more isn’t enough they give away €400 in cash plus bonus money too! As of this moment there is a special promotion that allows you to play with €100 if just deposit€20 which means that the casino will be giving you€80forfree

With so many promotions at Betspalace Casino, you’ll never be bored! Live casino events give away an incredible amount of prizes up to $1M. Every Thursday they offer free spins for their most loyal players and on your second deposit get a 150% bonus worth €300 because who doesn’t want more money? If that wasn’t enough we have the newest casino games from Microgaming such as Deer Hunter Slots with Wild Symbols or Double Diamonds slots where all YOU need is 2 matching symbols but it’s easy when there are DOUBLE DIAMONDS waiting everywhere.

Here at BetsPalace, we’re all about treating our players like royalty! That’s why when you make your first deposit of 50 Euros or more and then another one before the end of the day, you’ll be rewarded with an additional 100% bonus on both deposits. This means that if you start off by depositing just 25 Euros to meet those requirements-you can do this every time thanks to how quick it is for us process transactions-then rest assured knowing that not only will all 200 Euro automatically become yours but now they also have a whole new life as 400 Euro in total after enjoying bonuses two times over – talk about winning from head to toe! Not enough? Well don’t worry because there’s still plenty left in

At Betspalace casino you can be the lucky player to score a jackpot, with its rich collection of video slot games. You’ll have some fun and high-value prizes in just seconds that will truly revolutionize your life! This online casino offers many slots as well, which is perfect if what you’re looking for are top notch entertainment options to enjoy at all times: whether they come from an exciting game or through buying new VIP points!


The methods available for depositing on Betspalace casino are: Visa, MasterCard, Ecopayz, EcoVoucher (with a small handling fee), Skrill. Neteller and Neosurf. All the deposits are processed immediately with no extra fees charged by BetPalace Casino apart from a small fee of €40 when withdrawing using Bank Transfer payment method (processing time is between 3 to 5 days). The only way that you can withdraw money without paying an additional cost is via PayPal or Bitcoin wallets which have their own set of limitations; so make sure you check them out before making your choice!

The site has various payment options, including Visa and MasterCard. If you need to withdraw money from your account, there are restrictions on how much can be withdrawn depending on where in the world you reside. For example: Canadian customers have only one withdrawal option available – ecoPayz; Australian customers cannot use their visa card for withdrawals due to legal restriction laws governing gambling websites within that country- region of Australia .


BetsPalace has some of the best games that exist nowadays on the iGaming industry for online casinos. You will be able to play live casino games like Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Baccarat, Football Studio and Dream Catcher; also you will find classic casino games such as Super 12 stars Wolf Riches Solar Queen Fruity Friends Starburst Arena of Gold Hot Spin The Fortune Pig 9 Masks Of Fire Aztec Gold Megaways Agent Destiny Annihilator and many more!

Loyalty Rewards VIP

If you’re looking for a club that has it all, then get ready to enjoy the VIP Club. This exclusive and tantalizing venue is only open to those who are in with the good crowd – not just anyone can walk right in! The benefits depend on how much money someone spends within one day: How many bets they place? What was their winnings from said wagers? Alongside of getting faster payouts & personal deals with our friendly customer service staff, an exciting VIP cash bonus awaits- it’s like Christmas every single time we talk.

Customer Service

BetsPalace Casino has customer service team available around the clock. If you have a question, they can be contacted via email or live chat and will always answer promptly!

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Betspalace Casino is the best way to enjoy your favorite games and win some money while you’re at it. They are fully regulated by law, so all of your transactions are protected in any way possible! The list includes slot machines (with a fantastic rating!), card game variations like blackjack or poker, table tennis tournaments with real-life players from around the world!, etc. is the site to go for those want more than just a gamble: it’s also an entertainment hub! They have something for everyone, whether you’re new or experienced with gambling and are looking to be safe in your bets. There’s even Bitcoin payment as well so there’ll never be any pesky issues of lost funds again – Bets Palace has gotcha covered!.

Withdrawal Options

Betspalace Casino is the perfect place to play your favorite games and have a chance at winning some cash! Betspalace Casino offers slot machines, card game variations like blackjack or poker, table tennis tournaments with real-life players from around the world!, etc. You can also watch live broadcasts of sports events on our TV screens while playing roulette in one hand and throwing dice in another!.

BetsPalace casino has all sorts of fun gambling options for you: Slot Machines, Card Game Variations such as BlackJack or Poker; Table Tennis Tournaments with Real Life Players From Around The World; And Live Broadcasts Of Sports Events On Our TVs While Playing Roulette In One Hand And Throwing Dice In Another!

Sign up for BetsPalace casino today and enjoy a wide variety of games from the latest slots to card game variants like Blackjack or Poker. Live streaming events are also available, so if you’re lucky enough then don’t hesitate!